From Industry to Classroom: The Enriching Path of Part-Time Teaching for Professionals

After a particularly busy day, I found myself heading to the University of Liberal Arts (ULAB) for a class. The subject I taught was ‘Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace Environment.’ It’s quite fascinating how, since 2015, I have consistently been engaged as an adjunct faculty member across multiple universities. While I may not prominently feature this in my career trajectory, the truth is that I derive immense enjoyment from teaching. Here are a few compelling reasons why individuals like myself, who boast over a decade of professional experience across various fields, should consider part-time teaching:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Teaching allows us to share the wisdom we’ve accumulated over the years with eager young minds, contributing to their growth and development.
  2. Fresh Perspectives: Engaging with students exposes us to novel ideas and fresh perspectives, which can spark new ways of thinking and problem-solving in our own professional endeavors.
  3. Personal Fulfillment: Witnessing students grasp and apply concepts we teach brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that can complement our existing career achievements.
  4. Skill Refinement: Teaching necessitates clear communication, adaptability, and effective presentation, skills that can refine our professional toolkit.
  5. Building Connections: Interacting with students creates networking opportunities, potentially leading to collaborations or insights that benefit our ongoing career journey.

Incorporating part-time teaching into our seasoned professional path can offer a rewarding synergy, enabling us to enrich the academic world while also enhancing our own growth and expertise.

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